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Unique sightseeing day tours from Sydney

Set to see all of Sydney but looking for some unique experiences? Take a turn from the usual Sydney sightseeing day tours and skip jumping on the bandwagon to sightsee the harbour city differently with these unusual experiences:

·        History & Architecture Tours

Architecture and history are made fun with walking tours across Sydney’s most recognised buildings and monuments. When you go on a walking tour with an expert guide, you’ll get an instant dose of historic & architectural facts topped by some fun facts thrown in to liven you up! A guide who is an expert in the field is sure to add more value to your tour. If walking is not your thing, go on a bicycle tour to pedal and explore the inner suburbs with a guide! An Utzon tour exploring the poster-face of Sydney, Opera House, is another experience that comes highly recommended. To add to the fun… walking & bicycle tours are easy on the pocket too! So don’t think again… work those grey cells and muscles in one go!

·        Food tasting tours

If good food is your definition of a good tour, this is the best option for you! Explore the bustling Chinatown province or City Centre and you’ll find not one but many diverse cuisines and delicacies to try. As you let your taste buds go wild, taste everything from dishes sourced out of freshest Aussie ingredients to exotic Asian cuisine. Hungry for more? Go on a behind-the-scenes tour at a restaurant of your choice and hear stories of food alongside feasting on some mouth-watering dishes. With so much good food around, Sydney is surely the best place for a food tour!

·        Rocks tours

Delve deeper into the history behind the Rocks on a walking tour of the area. The site of the first European settlement in Australia, Rocks is not only known for its laneways and buildings but also for its many mysteries and tales. Let a guide tell you all about it as you pass across its many pubs, archaic buildings and cobblestone streets. Also, hear the tales of convicts and sailors unique to this area! With many mysteries, murders, robberies and more… you’ll have a lot many tales to hear too!

·        Ghost tours

Go on a ghost tour seeking Sydney’s restless spirits and visit the haunted sites of the city. Learn about the scariest stories and take a tour to Q Station, the Rocks, Bella Vista Farm, Newtown cemetery, Old Government House and more. Right from guided walking tours to horrifying night tours, take your pick of scary and hear tales of Wild West characters, thieves, convicts, sailors and more. What’s more… some tours even report sightings and paranormal presence. Hair standing on end already? Book your choice of ghost tour today and welcome Halloween early!

With one unique Sydney sightseeing tour after other listed out for you, all you have to do is to pick one that works best for you! See Sydney’s not-so-explored side and have fun sightseeing like never before! Different is good, right?

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