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Sydney: The Belle of Aussieland!

Meet Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales: Beautiful one day, perfect the next!

A gorgeous city, rising skyscrapers, spectacular beaches, thriving forests, intriguing history and views to die for. Just saying all this seems inadequate in portraying the complete essence of the stunning land of Sydney. 

Australia’s crowning glory, the modern city of Sydney and its residents, is all about buzzing scenes and passionate lifestyles. Its iconic landmarks, like the colossal Sydney Harbour Bridge, the sky-high Sydney Tower and the classy Sydney Opera House, add an ‘oomph’ factor to this coastland and enjoy the privilege of being the most coveted tourist attractions in the world. 

If you love vast sunny beaches and wriggling your toes in clear sands, Sydney is your Utopia on Earth! Enjoy a seaside picnic or go on a walking trail on the shores of Bondi and Manly. You can also relax in a café or ramble around the shopping villages clustered on the edge of the tranquil beaches that dot Sydney Harbour. These are also prefect locations for you to spot brilliantly coloured birds or get that much-desired sun tan.

You are sure to be astounded by the rich wildlife and wet subtropical forests the city has in store for you. Go meandering into havens of natural beauty, and you are sure to see a native critter or two peeping out from behind a bush. Dozens of indigenous animal and bird species inhabit its many national parks and gardens as well.

Sydney also inherits countless artistic treasures from the Aborigines, who have dwelt there for over 50,000 years. In spite of the rapid modernisation, most of its art is well preserved in galleries, museums and national parks.

An adventurer? This city promises to be your kind of place! Surf the waves, go jet boating or dive into the world of aquatic adventure tours on offer. If you are not a water person, get your adrenaline rush with other breathtaking adventures a little away from the city, ranging from skydiving to abseiling and rock climbing!

Celebrations are unceasing in Sydney. Make the most of your well-deserved holidays with the effervescence of Vivid Sydney and Sydney Festival. Feel the youthful energetic vibe at Changing Lanes and Parklife, the city’s biggest music festivals. Sydneysiders also showcase a diverse and exciting line-up of events on the day of Mardi Gras, a world event celebrating LGBTQI pride.
A friendly city, Sydney takes in migrants from all over the world, right from Asia and Africa, to Europe and America. The migrants, in return, introduce diverse cultural and lifestyle traits to the city, adding more to its character. Sydneysiders are self-confessed foodies, indulging in everything from local dishes, continental cuisines and seafood delicacies to mouth-watering meats and steaks. With a wide range of exotic wines and drinks, Sydney has something to suit all tastes and senses. Rest assured, you’ll never be short of things to do in Sydney!

The Harbour city sounds great, doesn’t it? This is not all about it, though! Explore this old-but-gold city of Australia to learn more about what’s on in Sydney!

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