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Discover Sydney – An adventure destination in its own right!

Though Sydney doesn’t quite seem like it, it’s an adventure hub as diverse as any other destination Down Under! Contrary to popular belief, Sydney offers it all when it comes to adventure tours. Kayaking, surfing, canyoning, abseiling, sky diving, hiking, bushwalking, canoeing, zip lining or jet boating… you name it, and the harbour city and its outskirts has it all! 

Sydney is not only about a diverse range of activities either! It comes with a setting of stunning landscapes, beautiful waterways and outback views second to none in Australia! And that’s exactly why it tops the list of best city hikes in the world with its Great Coastal Walk. The challenging track and picturesque scenery are a combination every trek lover looks forward to, that too in the heart of the city! 

Another trail that’ll steal the crown for hiking in Sydney is one through the Royal National Park. Magnificent white-cliff coastlines and rugged bushwalks envelop you on this one. With many beaches to boast of, water sports and adventure activities in Sydney like surfing and jet boating are also quite the rage. 

Talking of water activities, you simply can’t give the seaplanes a miss! Experience scenic flights over spectacular Sydney topped off by water landings. Most seaplane tours come with a halt at a waterside restaurant or a harbour island en route. While you’re at it...parasailing is another beach activity you shouldn’t miss!

Sydney experiences are incomplete without Blue Mountains and so are its adventure activities! With its lush wilderness, Blue Mountains is just the perfect location to go canyoning or abseiling right in the heart of Mother Nature. Come across one of the best sceneries that Australia has to offer, conquer your fear for heights and get that elusive adrenaline surge as you abseil, climb and jump over steep cliffs and waterfalls!

Last but not the least, get the rush of a lifetime as you skydive over Wollongong beach in Sydney. Freefall at over 200km/hr and float under the canopy for eagle-eye views of Wollongong and Southern Sydney beaches, all under the guidance of an expert instructor! 

With all this and more… Sydney sure is alive with adventurous activities and exciting thrills all round the year. Choose any of these activities and see Sydney’s adventurous streak, in and around the city!

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