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Top Things To Do In Darwin

When you visit the tropical paradise that is Darwin, you’ll realise that this multi-cultural capital city brimming with history is the gateway to top tourist destinations. That being said, the settlements still retain their quaint small-town vibe! If you’re heading to Northern Territory, here is a list of top Darwin activities that’ll help you fill up your itinerary on the go...

A Hint Of Culture & Tradition At Tiwi Islands
A chain of nine islands lying 80 kilometres north of Darwin, Tiwi Islands get their name from the indigenous Tiwi tribes. Inhabiting the largest two islands for over 7000 years, Tiwi islanders carry on Aboriginal culture and art of their ancestors to date. Amongst the first tribes to have recorded communication with Europeans in the early 18th century, Tiwi islanders also have a thriving local art scene, renowned the world over. Not only is their art a critical segment of their culture and economy, it’s also a way to carry on many ancient myths and folklores that define their community.

Isolated from rest of the continent, it’s also a haven for unique and rare flora and fauna. From sea turtles to great knots and from lorikeets to northern rosellas, you’re sure to spot a wide array of wildlife on your tour here.

Revel In The Glitz & Glamour Of Darwin Casino
A surprise you didn’t see coming in this northerly capital city is the Darwin Casino – a world-class facility offering best views of the beach and sunset! It takes pride in being the second casino to open in Australia! Even if gambling is not your cup of tea, the vibrant setting and the plush atmosphere here are a treat for you. Add to it four great restaurants, numerous bars and plenty of entertainment, are you are in for a fun night!

Delve Into Darwin’s World War II History
Darwin has a history deeply scarred by the World War II, being one of few Australian mainland areas that were under direct attack by the Japanese. With 300 bombs dropped on the city during the war, Darwin is dotted with historic sites talking of its experience in the war. Visit Defence of Darwin Experience, Darwin Military Museum, Aviation Heritage Centre & the Cenotaph, for a comprehensive tour of Darwin’s war history!

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