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Explore Nature & Adventure, With Darwin Tourism!

NT, as the Aussies fondly call the Northern Territory, is the best part of Australia to get back to nature and enjoy a thrilling Outback adventure. Its capital city Darwin, all the more so! If you’re all about exploring Aussie wildlife, beaches, or lush greens, your search ends at Darwin! Know why you need to visit Darwin, with this guide to what’s on in Darwin:

Jumping Crocs And The Fearsome Cage Of Death!

The icons of Northern Territory – jumping crocodiles – is what you should begin with! Owing to high prevalence of crocs in Darwin waters, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with these enormous reptiles, minus any risk to life or limb. Visit Crocosaurus Cove for its widely acclaimed and hair-raising ‘Cage of Death’ experience. As you’re lowered into croc-infested waters, with just a cage to keep you from becoming croc-food, you’ll have a spine-tingling time like never before!

For a slightly mellow experience, go for the family-friendly Crocodylus Park. With over thousand crocodiles present, it is an excellent setting to get acquainted with Darwin’s favourite reptile. Learn more about these deadly reptiles from informative resources and see other native animals like iguanas and meerkats on your trip here.

Beat The Heat & Chill-Out At Wave Lagoon!

The balmy climate of Darwin definitely calls for some time to turn down the heat and relax in cooler surrounds! Wave Lagoon offers just that with a picturesque lagoon exuding a resort vibe, sans the heavy bill. With many beaches being a no-no for swimming owing to croc-infestation, Wave Lagoon is one great place in Darwin to enjoy a cool dip! As the name hints, it is a wave pool with waves as high as 1.7 metres. With a wave-free area and many wave zones, divided on the base of wave heights, enjoy a plunge in this family-friendly pool with stunning views, loved by visitors and locals alike. 

Explore the Darwin Botanic Gardens

See Darwin’s local flora in all its beauty at these lush green botanical gardens featuring myriad tropical plants, just a couple of k’s away from the city. See monsoon forests, coastline dunes, rich mangroves and dense woodlands in a park full of walking trails and waterfalls. Explore a wide variety of unique flora and fauna in this tropical habitat, and put your feet up at the café at this wildlife retreat.  

Check out the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets
Must-do when in Darwin, this bi-weekly market is all about multi-cultural cuisine, local souvenirs and picturesque beachside sunsets. Get a taste of local food with a stroll down the food markets and find some keepsakes you can treasure amid displays of craft and art. Move on to the beach, relax by the waves and see the postcard sunset view, signature to the area!

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