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What does a modern city complete with skyscrapers, dotted with attractions, surrounded by beaches & mountains, and a harbour of its own, promise to be? Yes, you got that right! A tourist playground. It takes even more to define the Harbour city of Sydney with its 236 days of sunshine. When on a holiday, Sydney is so full of sights to see and things to do that you don’t know where to start from at first! Read on for the magic bullet on how to make the most of top Sydney attractions.

Sydney Harbour 
You’ll find at least one Sydney Harbour attraction in all tour packages. It’s not overrated! You have to see it to believe it. Right from the iconic coathanger Sydney Harbour Bridge to the poster child Sydney Opera House, the Harbour has it all! With many eateries lining its sides, it’s a good place to start your morning. A refreshing breakfast with some photo time to rave on Insta later, is a guarantee! Get there by train, bus or walk, if you’re staying close enough.

Taronga Zoo
This one simply doesn’t fit into the clichéd zoo category. All furry inhabitants here are nothing short of exotic. Be it meeting cuddly koalas you can get selfies with, or a trek taking you up-close to the critically endangered Sumatran tigers, this is zoo-time like never before. With over 400 animals and birds, wallpaper-worthy backdrops and dense wild milieu, right in the centre of the city, it’s a treat to both your eyes and camera reels! With cafes and food courts including even an a la carte restaurant, you’ll never be short of lip-smacking food as well. You can get here by bus, walk or take the well-hyped ferry ride.

Sydney Tower Eye
Walk on the air at this one! Elevate your spirits at the highest point in Sydney with 360° city views waiting for you. Over 880 feet high, you’ll feel the hair on your neck rise as you walk the glass-like floors here! While you drink in bird’s eye views of the whole of the Harbour city up to the faraway Blue Mountains, your safety is well taken care of! Sigh! Click some pictures as proof of your time there. Your high-time is sure to make you hungry. Satiate your tummy at any of the numerous restaurants in the building enjoying more revolving views of the city. Use public transport or walk from nearby areas to get here.

Royal Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden is one friendly neighbourhood you ought not to miss! With no restrictions on walking on its many lawns, the park is open to all and is a perfect spot for some fun picnic time. Being Australia’s oldest and one of its kind, the garden gives you opportunity to see over 8900 plant species. There are scenic trails leading all the way down to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, known to offer the best panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Fort Denison, all in one frame! A café at the centre is the perfect place to get that picnic going and the area is easily accessible by public transport or on foot, if nearby.

Experience Sydney and its attractions the Sydneysiders way! Hello, fun times!

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