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Soft Adventure Activities In Sydney For The Timid!

An unusual and exciting or daring experience. That’s the dictionary definition of adventure. For many, adventure might be jumping off a plane with a parachute, free falling through the skies and pulling the cord minutes before you, well, die! Others might get their kick from kayaking down grade 2 and grade 3 rapids, being at the mercy of angry frothing rivers. 

So the question is, does adventure always have to be associated with extreme adrenaline inducing activities? What if you just want to wet your toes in the pursuit of adventure? Especially if you are seeking adventure tours and activities in Sydney. Here are some suggestions for those seeking adventurous things to do in Sydney, which definitely won’t end up killing you! 

Face to face with a lion? 
Okay, technically speaking, there are bars, strong bars separating you from the king of the jungle. But coming face to face with this majestic creature will surely induce some adrenaline! If lions don’t cut the mustard, then there are tigers, hippos, giraffes etc. at Taronga Zoo. Seeing these animals in their flesh should be an unusual and exciting experience. Taronga Zoo also has many other interesting activities as well, where you can spend a night camping out in the jungle! 

A 10km hike in the city? 
Are you picturing a hike through traffic and the concrete jungle? Well, what if spectacular ocean views and greenery are what awaits you, on this hike from Manly to Spit Bridge. The path is well-marked with signposts and picturesque views all along the way. It will take 3 to 4 hours to cover the hike on foot, but will be quite an adventurous thing to do in Sydney! 

Swimming in the open sea? 
Apprehensive about swimming in the sea? All those Jaws memories coming back to haunt you, or the fear of drowning? Well, we have the next best thing, at the Bondi Icebergs pool, that’s surrounded on three sides by the ocean. A saltwater pool that’s regularly replenished by the waves, you enjoy the best views of the beach and sea, for a small fee. 

Floating above the skies? 
You are up in the skies, above rolling hills and when you look down, you see thick forests! The Scenic Skyway is suspended 270 metres above ancient ravines giving you breathtaking views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, and Jamison Valley. Opt for this glass cabin floor Skyway for a soft adventure experience! 

Waterfalls in your face? 
Torrential waterfalls thundering down gallons of water, a few metres from your face! A waterfall is a thing of beauty, with the flowing water calming you. If you seek just a tad bit of an adrenaline rush, why don’t you challenge yourself to stand or at least come close to the waterfall? There are many majestic ones near Sydney, some easy to get to and while others not so much. Pick one and have a fun time! 

Exploring a cave? 
Caves are an underground mystery! Who knows what lives in those dark depths, from bats to snakes to spiders! Well sorry for creeping you out, but Jenolan caves are friendlier and lit up, and still offer lots of adventures. Don’t go exploring on your own though, as that’s not an adventure you want to experience!

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