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An Adventure Seeker’s Guide To Sydney & NSW!

Sydney is quite the holiday destination, what with its stunning harbour, splendid architecture, epic scenery, diverse wildlife and lush pockets of green. If looking for a dash of adventure in Australia’s #1 city, you will not be disappointed! Read on for pointers to get an instant dose of adrenaline rush when in the capital of New South Wales:

Canyoning At The Blue Mountain Gorges
The Blue Mountains are wilderness troves you can’t ever get enough of… agree? A canyoning adventure at the heart of the Blue Mountains gets you in the thick of nature like nothing else does. With rainforest scenery enveloping you on all sides, climb down a waterfall, jump from a rock, leap into deep pools and swim in wild waters on an adventure tour from Sydney. If you’re an amateur, choose a guided tour and let the expert instructor take care of your safety!

Canoe & Kayak At The Jewel Of Southern Sydney
Go kayaking or canoeing at the Royal National Park for some workout time you’ll love! Choose to paddle by Gunnamatta Bay or canoe down Hacking River, for some water time that’ll take you to breathtaking locations. Some tours also offer scenic stops right in the midst of the wilderness for you enjoy a unique experience! Carry a picnic basket and enjoy an adventurous picnic right in the heart of nature, perfect for families too!

Zipline Over Australian Bush And Tree Tops
Rollercoaster ride over trees anyone? Jump on to any of treetop zip lining locations spread all over Sydney or go for one at Illawarra. The former is all about combining the thrill of a zip line and the suspense of a rollercoaster. At the same time, the second tour takes you walking on air over treetops in a spectacular rainforest while being surrounded by panoramic ocean views. A Sydney adventure activity you’ll never get over is what you get!

Skydiving Over Sydney In Style
Choose a skydive adventure tour in Sydney to experience the ultimate thrill of free-fall! Jump from Australia’s highest skydive altitude of up to 15,000 feet just over North Wollongong beach. The ultimate thrill of dropping down at over 200km/hr for over a minute, will have you screaming your lungs out. Feel the rush of your lifetime and then float under the canopy for sweeping views of picturesque scenery all around!
Speedy Thrills Jetting Over Sydney Waters
Race past Sydney’s top landmarks in a jet boat adventure tour on the harbour. Hang on tight as a jet boat takes of at breakneck speeds topped by 360° spins, fishtails and power brake halts that’ll make your experience all the more fun! See how Harbour Bridge, Opera House turn into blurry visions on your ride! Plus, it’s another activity you can enjoy as a family.

So, roll up your sleeves, get over your fears and have a fun time exploring Sydney and getting that long-awaited adrenaline rush. Add life to your vacay time with one or more of these adventurous things to do in Sydney!

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