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Great Halts En Route Great Ocean Road!

Nothing beats a good drive along a great route with roving views of eye-catching landscapes. When thinking of what to do in Melbourne, there is simply no doubt as to why the Great Ocean Road is a must-do! Listed as one of the best drives on the planet, Great Ocean Road, sprawling over 250 kms, also paves the way to some great tourist attractions! Let’s look at some must-stop places to visit in Melbourne that this road snakes through:

Twelve Apostles
You can’t talk of a trip to Great Ocean Road without visiting this rocky beauty. With Australia pockmarked with rock formations throughout its lands, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about this one? Think of 8 massive limestone structures standing tall at heights of over 45 metres by the sea and you’ll find the answer right there! You'll feel sorry that four of these have already disappeared, falling prey to time and erosion. Begin your trip early to catch a view of sunrise, worthy of many photo-ops, to make the most of it!

Gibson Steps
Move ahead to another limestone structure right next to Twelve Apostles for some more ‘rock’ time! Climb the Gibson Steps for a panoramic view of sea and limestone structures, side by side! Also, grab some limestone stones on your way and see how easily it crumbles in your hand! Now you know what led to the fall of four of the apostles at your previous halt, right?

London Arch
You’ll appreciate that nature is the best architect at this one! Formed by gradual erosion, find a natural arch which looks eerily similar to its namesake, London Bridge. Hear the tale of how it used to connect to the mainland before the arch near the coastline collapsed, back in the 90s.

The Grotto
A view of the sea from the top of a cliff or from the beach itself is becoming a cliché with every passing day! Visit this sinkhole for a view of the sea and the beach from a pretty cool angle, rarely seen before. Move through this hole to reach the sea and experience a feeling similar to going through a tunnel with the sea at its mouth!

Port Campbell National Park
For a welcome change from all the sea air, visit this lush green national park. Not only is it full of native flora and fauna with enough shade for you to wind down, the region also offers distant views of 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge, London Arch, The Grotto etc. Scenic frames coming your way at this one!

Triplet Falls at Otways National Park
Ancient lands beckon you! With sky-grazing trees and branching tree-ferns, rich and thick forest is what this landscape is all about! Meet the gushing Triplet Falls, frothing and flowing down endless steps of rocks, surrounded by dense greens! You’ll never be short of wallpaper-worthy clicks after this one!

Koala Spotting at Kennett River 
An Aussie trip is incomplete without meeting the furry natives of the wilds, the koalas! See them, for once, in their wild habitat and get some quick koala spotting done. Though, you may not be able to cuddle with these furry native at this spot, seeing the koalas in their natural habitat is sure to make up for it!

The Great Ocean Road promises great attractions! Drive on!

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