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A Small-City Feel In A Big Modern Metropolis!

Melbourne is supposedly one of the most liveable cities in the world. The city attracts people for its ‘small-city feel’ in a big modern metropolis. People visit Melbourne not just what's on in Melbourne and experience its marvels, but to get a feel of what this oh-so-talked-about city is all about!

Melbourne is cloaked with a thriving art and cultural scene, with events happening round the year. This city has multiple facets, each sporting a unique identity. This can be specially seen in the Laneways, each being a unique artery of the city. Open spaces are another highlight of the city, where people come together to exchange ideas, share thoughts or leisurely unwind in the evenings. Its beaches and coastlines are world-renowned attractions, with the Great Ocean Road trumping them all as one of the best scenic drives in the world! 

The pleasant climate always encourages you to step out and experience the great outdoors; once you do that, you’ll no doubt want to explore the city and its nearby treasures. Enjoy a relaxing evening at the city’s best meeting place, Federation Square, the piazza with an exceptional array of cultural attractions and eateries. 

With warm summers, pleasant springs, cheery autumns and enjoyable winters, Melbourne is game for action any time of the year. It’s mostly shorts weather here, perfect to walk or cycle through the city to discover something unique about it. If you feel too warm, that’s just an excuse to cool off at the beach; and with the excellent weather, any day can be a ‘beach day’! All you need is a towel to park yourself on the soft sand, sunglasses to beat the heat, and you are set for the day. PS: Don’t forget the sunscreen though, or you could burn yourself to a crisp in no time! 

Melbourne is nature’s wonderland with award-winning zoos, rich parklands and wide varieties of flora and fauna. Spend a day observing over 320 species at the Melbourne Zoo or drive to Weribee Open Range Zoo for a wildlife safari. Attention bird lovers: you can treat your eyes to with a wide ornithological choice of rare and colourful birds. If you are a serious birder, the city offers you multiple options for guided birding tours as well. 

Talk about any sport, there’s a fair chance that it has a following in Melbourne. The Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct is busy year-round with sporting events ranging from cricket to football to motorsports. So pick a sport, choose a team and let yourself be swept along with the sports fever that grips Melbourne.

The city is also a melting pot of many cultures with over 140 cultures making their presence felt in Melbourne. From the architecture to the memorials to the cuisine, you can see proof of this multi-cultural existence. The easiest way to experience this would be to indulge in a food journey through the city. You wouldn’t need a map, just follow your nose and you are bound to have a great time! 

Undeniably, Melbourne is a city like no other in Australia. As metropolitan as it is with its commercial and cultural outlook, the city is also very easy-going and casual, offering its residents and tourists a wide range of activities and sites to explore. Discovering Melbourne’s hidden gems is an experience in itself! Don’t miss it!

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