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Great Barrier Reef As Seen On A Snorkelling Tour

Exploring world’s largest coral reef, the wondrous universe of Great Barrier Reef, will pull you close to nature and its diversity, when in the magical land of Australia. Situated right off the coast of Queensland; it is one tourist destination you would not want to miss on during your times Down Under. Sprawling over 2300km, the reef system boasts of a diverse and unique ecosystem of its own, which shelters over 1500 fish species, 5000 species of molluscs and 2900 individual corals! Take a look and you’ll be compelled to see and explore more and more, even for a longer time!

Though Great Barrier Reef day tours come in all sorts of packages, topping the list of activities are snorkelling, scuba diving, reef cruises and island visits. With a variety of tour operators available offering various trips and reef experiences, you will definitely find one with the right choices of adventure to match both your taste and budget.

You can choose how you would like to explore reefs best in your own way. Go on a Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tour and you’ll have the company of a variety of marine living beings, each different from the next. Not only that, your tours don’t require you to be an expert at the sport, majority of the tour operators provide you with the right gear and instructions, even if you are a beginner. Also, expert guides lay down all the do’s and don’ts underwater, to make sure your tour is fun as well as safe.

What’s more..? You can also go snorkelling alongside a Great Barrier Reef cruise for a complete experience. It is undoubtedly one of the best options out there; enjoy the reef holistically with “nearby” experience of the reef and the marine ecosystem associated with it before going into its depth during snorkelling. With almost every cruise now coming with underwater observatories and semi-submersible boat rides, you’ll have a fair idea of what to expect before you jump right in! Isn’t it the best way to soothe your nerves too! Your tours may also come with some time at the beach & rainforest or at surrounding isle like the famous Green and Fitzroy Islands! You never may even be a ‘secret’ spot in the archipelago, so gear up!

If you are not one to opt for the normal way of doing things, tours like the ones that have you out on large floating platforms or snorkelling at exquisite reef spots are just the ones for you! Though countless, the best way to not miss out on any of the submerged spectacles are to see them while on a Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tour from Cairns. Floating platforms comes with many facilities on board while cruises offer you a more personalized experience, so pick and choose depending on what works best!

So when visiting Australia, the best way to not miss on the wonders of the UNESCO listed World Heritage reef region is to go snorkelling. And being the gateway to this wonder world, there’s no better location than Cairns to start exploring the diversity of marine wildlife and reefs!

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