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All You Need To Know About Great Barrier Reef Day

Think of reefs and one of the first images to come to your mind will be the 2003 Pixar animated movie ‘Finding Nemo’? Portraying picturesque beauty and scenic appeal of the sea, this movie introduced us to the unique world that Nemo and Marlin traverse through! To all planning to visit, you can see all this and more on Great Barrier Reef snorkelling tours from popular destinations in Australia, up close with your own eyes! 

Spanning a wide expanse of over 2300 kilometres, the World Heritage Listed reefs are situated to the tropical North of Queensland. A complete exploration of these magnificent living formations that amount to over 3000 reefs and are bordered by over 900 tropical islands is one impossible task in itself. 

With the only sounds to reach your ears being waves hugging & retreating from shores and unmatched views that are a treat to the eyes, gear up for one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Nesting not one but countless and diversified marine ecosystems topped by coral gardens that flaunt a wide array of colours, the reefs have everything going for them right from the word go. 

This underwater world that houses the largest coral reef system in the world and the islands around it are worth exploring, in a luxury setting or on a budget, and so are the opportunities for great adventure that await you here. 

Friends, what’s there to wait? Begin you reef adventure by exploring this one-of-a-kind underwater world with a handful of popular Great Barrier Reef day tours from Cairns. Read on...

Bucket-List Worthy Great Barrier Reef Day Tour & Cruises From Cairns
With an array of activities right from swimming, sailing, snorkelling, water slides, diving and time at sun decks, underwater observatories etc, there’s something for everyone at the reefs. Topping the list of Great Barrier Reef activities are undoubtedly snorkelling tours and scuba diving trips, for the sole reason that there’s no better way to see the reefs. Operating almost everyday, all you have to do is to pick the best from the lot and book to begin your underwater adventure! 

While diving is the best option for savvy swimmers to explore the diversity of reefs and marine life better, a beginner’s snorkelling tour is the go-to option for non-swimmers. If you’re not keen to get wet, don a sailor’s hat and go on board a Great Barrier Reef cruise or try kayaking between the islands. 

If not, go on a field trip on one of the lush islands skirting the reefs and enjoy a rainforest boardwalk with an informative guide, or see the reefs from the glass bottom of your cruise boat. If looking to indulge, go for a scenic helicopter trip and you’re sure to see the reefs from an entirely different perspective! With so many Great Barrier Reef day tours from Cairns and other nearby locales, there’s no room for complaints! Why not book one for yourself and stay back in one of the many mind-blowing oceanside retreats for getting a fill of the corals even further? 

Choose, book and let your time with Nemo begin!

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