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Explore Cairns, The Gateway To Great Barrier Reef!

It’s common to lose yourselves in the hustle-bustle of today’s ultra-fast way of life. Who doesn’t look forward to a change of scene for a gentle reminder that the little things in life deserve a little attention?

Cairns, a subtropical forest that has molded itself into a trendy city, offers you just that. Its laid-back attitude and relaxed lifestyle make it nothing short of the perfect holiday destination, for all the busybodies out there.

Being primarily a gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns by nature, is not heavily populated. So what does this not-so-populated city do with its close proximity to the world’s most amazing natural wonder and a World Heritage listed site? It creates experiences to show off its prized possession to the rest of the world!

Cairns has not one, but many unforgettable experiences up its sleeve. Of course, Great Barrier Reef tours with snorkel and dive cruises rule the roost, but if you think that’s all Cairns has to offer, you’re sadly mistaken. Read on to learn more about reef tours and other Cairns experiences...

Ever wondered about this whole new underwater world that co-exists with us? A snorkelling or a scuba diving cruise expedition to one of the many popular Great Barrier Reef locations is a great way to get to know the aquatic world better! Imagine this: the vibrant coral network that forms Great Barrier Reef is the only living organism visible from space, and you get to dive into it and see it up close!

If you are more of a rough-water fanatic, experience the thrills and spills of water sports like white water rafting and river tubing on the gusty Tully River with beautiful scenic surrounds. Talking about nature, Cairns is home to thirteen mammal species which are found nowhere else in the world. So don’t miss your chance to visit the wildlife zoos. PS: Don’t forget to take advantage of your door prize to cuddle with the star mammals, the koalas!

Remember your childhood dreams of a railway ride through picturesque greens and blues? Hop onto the Kuranda Scenic Railway from Cairns to Kuranda and feast your eyes on the mighty waterfalls, gorges and rich vegetation en route, before heading to the quaint village of Kuranda. 

Add cherry to your cake with a romantic hot-air balloon ride with your loved one across the scenic subtropical region in and around Cairns! Who knows, you may even end up proposing while you float gracefully over serene landscapes, giving you the feeling that you’re the only two people on Earth!

The many cafés and casual eateries, poolside retreats along the Esplanade lagoon, and bustling night markets lend Cairns its famed relaxed attitude, in spite of being a tourist hotspot. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself strolling around at ease, getting tanned at the lagoon, or indulging in interesting conversations with eager-to-help locals, all the time.

Get bowled over by the oh-so-beautiful Cairns experience and don’t miss a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef!

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