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A City That’s All About Adventure!

Adventure, adventure and more adventure! Adventure activities are what awaits you on a tour to Cairns! Don’t let the laid back pace of life here fool you as Cairns is a melting pot of adrenaline pumping experiences. Some of the adventure activities in Cairns include free falling from the sky, zip-lining through the rainforest, white water rafting in gushing rapids and diving into the depths of the sea!

Get that unbelievable high, up in the Cairns sky with a spine-tingling skydive from 15,000ft! The chosen drop zones offer spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef, the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest and the Trinity Inlet. Once you summon the courage to take that leap of faith, there’s no turning back. Be rest assured, you’ll be completely gobsmacked by the brilliant bird’s-eye view Cairns and its natural wonders that your fear will be long forgotten!

Still craving more? Bungee jump from the world’s first Bungee Tower for more captivating views or ride in the Minjin Jungle Swing to immerse yourself in a rich rainforest experience. Bike down the challenging trails and tracks of shady rainforests, flat sand shores and outback escarpments. For a thrilling yet romantic experience, soar on a hot air balloon right above the Atherton Tablelands for scenic views of the serene countryside.

Looking forward to splashing in the waters? Opt for white water rafting down the gushing rapids on the Tully River, hurtle down the Mulgrave River on giant tubes, or kayak around Fitzroy Island and the Reef. You can also take a boat ride out to exquisite Great Barrier Reef locations and snorkel or dive in multi-hued reef gardens that are home to numerous marine species.

Test your bravado further by canyoning in the Cairns rainforest and if you wish you can abseil, zip line, slide and jump beside waterfalls or dive into pools by the Crystal Canyon for added thrills. Learn to surf and scuba dive at the beaches unrivalled for their diversity, vibrancy and marine life. For more daredevil ventures, go raft surfing, cliff jumping or rapid swimming in the mighty Tully River. 

Are you confident in water for something more exhilarating? Try the new water sport fad, flyboarding, an acrobatic adventure which begins with you standing on a solid board that is propelled into the air with the propulsion of a jet ski! What better location is there to dive into the water and tango in the sky other than the Great Barrier Reef itself! 

A trek at the Daintree Rainforest would be the perfect finishing touch to your adventurous nature tours. You could also opt for a bike ride to Donovan’s Beach, camp out in the sands of Noah’s Beach or go on a four-wheel drive to Cape Tribulation. You could also rummage for gold in Croydon and Georgetown or fish for the famous barramundi in Normanton. 

With all the above activities available in and around Cairns, it is rightfully called the adventure capital of Queensland. So don’t let a series of thrills pass you by. 

Visit Cairns and let the adventure begin!

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