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Visit Darwin During The Wet Season!

Darwin, the harbour city housing over 125,000 people, stays true to its reputation of being one of the most exciting cities in Australia, in spite of not being the biggest. Benefitting from its strategic position at the Top End, Darwin enjoys a climate entirely different from anything else you will see, all throughout Australia. Looking out for best times to visit and top activities to do in Darwin? Read on...

With only two prominent seasons, the wet and the dry, Darwin has balmy weather all round the year. Also, unlike the rest of the continent, Darwin experiences wet season from November to April. Though tourist influx is the lowest during this time of the year, a trip during wet season promises a unique experience for all tourists. For any traveller looking out for something extraordinary, a Darwin visit between November and April, is the best-thing-to-do. 

Though rain and humidity dominate the weather, the wet climate brings with it an abundance of natural beauty, more than what usually covers the surface during the dry season. Darwin, brimming with diverse flora and fauna, also becomes home to many migrant species during this time.

The photographer in you is not only going to be pleased by the many wildlife photo ops available during the wet season, but also by the brilliant displays that the numerous mid-day storms and resultant floods will offer. With abundant waterfalls present nearby and in the Kakadu or Litchfield National Parks or Katherine Gorge, a scenic flight spanning the entire area of any of the above, also promises to be a worthy spectacle.

Being the official off-peak time of the year, you will also find that great deals and an uncrowded experience welcome you in Darwin. When choosing accommodation, opt for a harbourside view and be a bystander to the mind-blowing storms and multi-hued sunsets, all through your visit.

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