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Nature’s Bounty On A Cairns Sightseeing Day Tour

Far North Queensland is a tree-hugger’s paradise! Cairns, with its lush nature troves right from rainforests, rivers, gorges and beaches, all the more so. The quintessential wildlife enthusiast destination, the rich rainforest habitat in Cairns is inhabited by endemic wildlife. It’s time in the midst of natural wonders and enrich your Cairns experience! 

Find a list of the best ones here: 

Make time for Kuranda and its unique experiences

Kuranda is a town that’s just a 35-minutes drive from Cairns. But there are a couple of interesting ways to get to Kuranda that make driving seem so blasé. Take a trip on one of the most unique rail experiences in Australia. The Kuranda Scenic Rail that traverses the rainforest boasts over 120 years of history.

Or you could take the Sky Rail ride in a glass gondola that takes you directly to the Kurands station. If you want to do both you should take the Scenic Rail one way and come back by the Sky Rail! You should also explore the village and its markets, the Barron Gorge National Park, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and whatever else that catches your eye!

Explore Port Douglas and its stunning locales

The transformation of Port Douglas from a fishing village to a laid back and sophisticated resort town is quite amazing. With the Great Barrier reef as it's courtyard and the Daintree Rainforest as it's backyard, Port Douglas is the perfect base to experience all sightseeing tours unique to Cairns. Let’s not forget that a stroll along its serene Four Mile beach, fringed by tall palms and kissed by the sea breeze is an invigorating experience, like no other. Point to note: The Four Mile Beach is listed almost every year among Australia’s Best Beaches!

Commune with nature at Mossman Gorge 

Located in the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge is a captivating location to explore. It is a crystal-clear river marked by huge granite boulders and lined by lush tropical rainforest, one of the hidden gems of Cairns. The Gorge is also home to numerous rare species of plants and animals!

Spend the day hiking through the rainforests, swimming in the freshwater gorge and relax with a picnic on the shady river banks! Being in the lap of nature, far from the madding crowd is something you won’t forget for a long time to come.

Daintree Rainforest is a nature buff’s paradise

Do you really have to be a nature buff to jump at the chance to explore the world’s oldest rainforests? Definitely not! Daintree Rainforest is almost 135 million years old, the longest surviving rainforest today! This mysterious rainforest is the home to tree-climbing kangaroos, rainforest dragons, pre-historic dinosaur birds, pre-historic saltwater crocodiles and more. You’ll be surprised to know that over 30,000 species of plants and animals can be found in just a single hectare!

Visit Cape Tribulation to see the Rainforest meet the Reef

Cape Tribulation is the place to be if you want to see the the world’s oldest rainforest meet the most-talked-about Great Barrier Reef!. Visit this natural realm away from the clutter and pollution of the urban locales for an experience that will simply take your breath away. 
You could go on snorkelling and diving expeditions in the Great Barrier Reef, go kayaking, jungle surfing, swimming, and probably even try a cruise with the crocodiles!

With such a wide range of sightseeing tours in Cairns, you’re sure to find one to enjoy! Choose well and explore this gateway city to the reefs to the fullest!

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