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The split second city!

Being the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is the best place to begin the great Australian expedition. The city of churches has a few tourists spot like the Maritime Museum, Adelaide Zoo and the New Adelaide Oval which can be covered in a day’s time with the help of the efficient public transport that lets you travel anywhere within the city under 20 mins.

The must visit place when you travel around Adelaide is the Barossa Valley, the winemaking hub of Australia. 

The wine valley of Barossa
It’s more than just sight-seeing, Barossa is a mix of all good things, generous people, delicious local food, dynamic festivals, soothing music and above all world acclaimed wines.

This beautiful valley formed by the North Para River is only a 60 km drive from Adelaide, there are numerous Adelaide day tours that shuttles this scenic trail on a regular basis.

The Adelaide sightseeing tours helps you to visit at least 3 wineries that have pioneered in wine making. All the plans and schedule within the pick-up and drop off time can be tailored by the guests.

Most of the wineries allow you to experience wine making process up close and also bestows an opportunity to study all about the techniques of crafting this world famous drink. 

The Barossa is famous for the production of Syrah, popularly known as Shiraz wine. This world famous wine greets you with a sweet berry flavour that slack off and leaves you with a zesty jolt. The continental climate and less rainfall is surmounted by a well formulated viticulture irrigation.
The valleys, sporadic terrains and the coastal breeze creates numerous meso climates responsible for the growth of different varieties of wineries each having unique taste and texture.

The drive around the rolling hills of the Barossa valley in a rare and classic 1962 Daimler with a well-informed guide is the perfect way to explore the land of wines. There are Adelaide day tours which actually have such inclusions.

The boundless vineyards and lush landscapes bestowed with pleasing hamlets and chalets are one among the many reasons why tourist visit Barossa again and again.

The Dam that talks!
The whispering walls is a must visit place, the walls of the reservoir built to supply water to the northern areas of the country is the source of this outlandish phenomenon. The bold design of the dam that dates back to the early 19th century is the reason why the walls around the dam could carry a voice from one side to another side over 140 metres without any distortion.
It will be a big loss if you fail to visit one of the most famous dams in the world and its acoustic magic.

Jacobs Creek
A walk along the Jacobs creek is the best way to intake the aroma of nature. The creek rises in the Barossa ranges and progress down to the valley through the prominent wineries for a stretch of 80 kilometres where it fades into the North Para River. What makes it a good place to visit is the age-old River red gums scattered alongside this crystalline creek.

Other destination like the Chateau Yaldara and Tanunda are other tourist recommended places around Adelaide. 

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