I and my family were in cairns for our holiday trip so we decided to go for this culture trip that was so fun and we enjoyed a lot. The weather also turned out perfect. We definitely recommend this to everyone.


I'm a regular traveler and i rank this as the top 3 Sightseeing spot i ever visited.


The tour was excellent, we were given opportunity to explore exclusive parts of Opera House. Keep up the good work.


We had a great time with this combo. Me and my family had a wonderful tour sightseeing Sydney. thank you for the experience.


Despite advice on website regarding Korean Communications during the tour, this was the only opportunity I had to see the Blue Mountains before flying home. I was the only English speaking tourist (with 50 Koreans), however, everyone was very friendly and courteous, including the driver and guide - i have rated it as one of my best days out since i came on holiday to Sydney 3 weeks ago. The amount of free time in each attraction was just enough, without getting bored, allowing more attractions to be seen on one whole day trip. I must however, absolutely congratulate the Tour Guide whom, from the moment i stepped onboard looked out for me and made sure i was okay as i was solely the only English speaking person there, advising me on times and where we go next and what to expect - he was brilliant, friendly and 10/10! Please pass on my thanks to him. I had a great day, i truly did!

Gary Jordan

The tour guide was fabulous! At one point he had to become very assertive with a customer who did not listen with respect to the areas in which photographs could not be taken. I was glad that the tour guide took the initiative, because I was about to slap the person myself! I was really concerned that the individual did not respect the policies of the tour or the ownership of the sets he was photographing. But the tour guide handled the situation in a courteous, professional but very firm manner.

Gayle Baugh