Uluru Sightseeing Day Tours

Discover the spiritual significance of Ayers Rock with top Uluru sightseeing day tours!

Palya, hello & welcome, says Uluru! At first, Uluru may look like a solitary rock standing tall in the middle of the desert, but there’s so much more to it than that! It’s the poster-child of Australia situated right at its iconic Red Centre. Uluru day trips are dime-a-dozen, ranging from sunrise and sunset tours to Uluru base walk tours, King’s Canyon rim walks and more; it’s definitely not limited to the controversial Uluru climb tours (not encouraged to respect Aboriginal beliefs)! 

Uluru takes you back in time to an era where nature ruled over everything! As gorgeous sunrises and sunsets light up Uluru, the surrounding desert and skies, with a kaleidoscope of colours, you’ll know the beauty of nature at its purest! Experience a magical sunset or sunrise at the Field of Light, and see unique art installations light up a solitary field overlooking Uluru! Great views are a guarantee!

A spiritually significant site for the Anangu, its traditional owners, Uluru still manages to impart a mystical vibe to all visiting it! One of the oldest cultures known to man, as old as 60,000 years, the dreamtime stories and Tjukurpa of the Anangu, reinforce ever-present connection between man and nature! Visiting the nearby Kata Tjuta, a spot for numerous sacred Aboriginal ceremonies, adds more cultural value to your trip! 

Outback landscapes, roaming camels and bush food experiences add more to this great land, aptly called the heart of Australia! Visit, explore & let Uluru sightseeing activities blow you away!

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Half Day AAT Kings Field Of Light Sunrise Tour

Departs: 05:45 Returns: 30 minutes approximately after sunrise to Ayers Rock Resort
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day AAT Kings Kata Tjuta Guided Sunset Tour

Departs: 15:50 Returns: 18:00
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day Uluru Sunrise Sightseeing Tour & Kata Tjuta National Park

Departs: 05:50 Returns: 10:30
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day AAT Kings Uluru Guided Sunset Experience

Departs: 16:30 Returns: 30 minutes after sunset
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day AAT Kings Sunrise Tour To Kata Tjuta & Valley Of Winds

Departs: 05:45 Returns: 11:30
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day AAT Kings Uluru Sacred Sites & Sunset Tour

Departs: 14:30 Returns: 30 minutes after sunset
Operated by : AAT Kings

Half Day Sightseeing Day Tour To See Uluru Sunrise

Departs: 05:50 Returns: 75 minutes approximately after sunrise
Operated by : AAT Kings

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