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AfternoonDiscoveryCruise WCU01
Authentic sailing experience on an 1850s-style tall ship

AfternoonDiscoveryCruise WCU02
Hoist the sails and get a feel of the ‘sailor’ experience

AfternoonDiscoveryCruise WCU03
Unobstructed views of harbour attractions and skyline

AfternoonDiscoveryCruise WCU04
Optional Mast Climb for those keen on a little adventure

‘Historic meets modern’ on the Tall Ship Afternoon Discovery Sydney Harbour sightseeing cruise. You get a unique cruising experience on this sightseeing cruise on an 1850s-style tall ship, sailing past (if the weather conditions permit) the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. 

Discover the sights and sounds of Sydney on this harbour cruise with no distractions, as you glide over the waters noiselessly – the silence broken only by the water lapping against the boat. Have an immersive sightseeing experience as you stand on the decks of this authentic tall ship, and get familiar with the harbour, taking in its iconic attractions, picturesque shoreline and tranquil bays.

This cruise gives you the opportunity to try your hand at sailing – work the ropes, hoist the sails and experience what it was like to be a sailor from the days of yore, before engines came about. You will be guided by the crew every step of the way and you could probably learn a sailor knot or two! Be careful to not get a rope burn though and always be aware of your surroundings, as quick responses come second nature to a sailor. 

Unlike other sightseeing cruises, you get a unique hands-on sailing experience on this cruise, besides enjoying spectacular views of the harbour! 

  • 1.5-hour unique Sydney Harbour sightseeing cruise
  • Cruise on an authentic 1850s tall ship 
  • Panoramic photo opportunities of the Sydney skyline
  • Get some sailing experience by trying your hand at the ropes 
Drinks Package
Drinks Package $28

Opt for the drinks package offered as an upgrade to refresh yourself while you’re working the ropes.

Mast Climb Challenge
Mast Climb Challenge $30

Opt for the Mast Climb upgrade for bird’s-eye views of the Sydney Harbour and its attractions without obstructions. With appropriate safety systems in place, enjoy a safe climb to the top as well as descend in a controlled manner. 

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Departure/Pickup Location: Campbell's Cove, The Rocks

Boards: 15:45 | Departs: 16:00 | Returns: 17:15

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