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Captain Cook Whale Watching Cruise PM WCU01
Captain-certified whale watching adventure cruise

Choose this cruise and see the whales up close as they migrate. Elusive creatures who like to stick to the depths of the ocean, these are one of the few opportunities to see whales in their natural habitat.

Captain Cook Whale Watching Cruise PM WCU02
Sydney’s top whale watching & eco-tourism certified cruise operator

This cruise involves sustainable whale watching practices, making the ocean a better place for these giants, and give customers the best possible experience with no compromises on whale sighting and safety.

Captain Cook Whale Watching Cruise PM WCU03
See whales in action; if not cruise for free again

A whale watching assurance, if by chance you couldn’t see any whale action on your cruise, you can always avail another cruise with the operator during the same season.

Captain Cook Whale Watching Cruise PM WCU04
Listen to expert commentary from the on-board whale expert

The on board whale expert will enlighten you on all the whale movements like tail slaps, breaches and more. If you are lucky, see baby whales learn important life skills through playtime from their mothers.

A giant adventure awaits you on this whale watching cruise from Sydney, spotting Humpback, Southern Right, Orca and Minke whales in the open seas! Get the best seats to see all the whale-action as they go about their unannounced routines of breaches, tail slaps, winks and more. A marine biologist on board will guide you on where to point your eyes as well as impart interesting information about these giant mammals.   

Your cruise leaves Sydney Harbour by noon, starting you off with roving views of the Sydney Harbour and its attractions, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

It won’t be long before you start to spot whales spraying water through their blowholes and gently breaking the surface. Spot pods of these gigantic mammals ranging from Humpbacks, Southern Right, Orca and Minke Whales. 

Whale watching season in Sydney begins in May and goes on till November. From May to August, Humpbacks and other whale species pass Sydney as they migrate northward before winter arrives. 

If you choose to cruise during the second half of the season, you may also see mother whales guiding their young to make their first migration to the Southern Ocean.

If it’s not your lucky day and you don’t spot a single whale on your trip, you can avail a free trip with the operator during the same season.
Go for this exciting whale watching cruise by the Captain and see the gentle giants of the ocean up-close!

  • 2hr 45min whale watching afternoon cruise from Sydney Harbour
  • Live commentary offered by on-board expert
  • Roving views of Opera House & Sydney attractions during your cruise
  • Sightings of Humpbacks, Orca & Minke whales 

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Departure/Pickup Location: Jetty 6, Circular Quay

Boards: 13:15 | Departs: 13:30 | Returns: 16:15

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