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AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Shark Diving Xtreme WCU1
A thrilling 30-minute scuba diving experience

Participate in the introductory scuba training session, don in the properly fitted wetsuit and gear and dive in the huge aquarium, supervised by an expert diver!

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Shark Diving Xtreme WCU2
Be in the same enclosure as the sharks

Dive into a 1.5million litre oceanarium for a 2.5 hour experience including a guided tour of the shark tunnels and a 30 minute dive in Shark Harbour- all without a cage!

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Shark Diving Xtreme  WCU3
See a variety of sharks, turtles & rays

See sea turtles, giant stingrays,clownfish, platypuses, moon jellyfish, sea dragons and an amazing array of fish on your dive.

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Shark Diving Xtreme WCU4
Includes general entry into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

See a staggering crowd of around 13,000 different marine animals housed in diverse marine environments that exist in Australia from the famous Great Barrier Reef to Sydney’s own Southern Ocean!

A thrilling underwater adventure in a four-million litre ocean tank awaits you during the Shark Dive Xtreme experience at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium! Take the plunge into a tank of sharks and see them face to face. This isn’t a cage diving, and you will be in the same enclosure as the sharks! Feel the rush of excitement with this shark diving experience in Sydney as you see different species of sharks, rays and turtles. 

Are you an amateur at scuba diving? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The entire adventure starts with a safety briefing and guidance session from an expert diving guide. You will be given a detailed training session and all the necessary gear. Once the briefing is done, you will change into the appropriate gear, and you’re good to go! 

Spend thirty minutes with visually fierce-but-harmless sharks while dive experts watch over you, to help combat every safety concern that crosses your mind! With only four divers in the tank at any point of time, you are well attended and cared for. 

After a thrilling dive, make use of the free hot shower and change. You are now eligible to receive a certificate in scuba-diving and get an all-day aquarium admission pass as well. 

  • Guided tour of the shark tunnels, 
  • A safety briefing
  • SCUBA training 
  • 30-minute dive in Shark Harbour
  • ‘Introduction to Scuba Diving’ briefing and pool skills session (approx. 90 minutes) 
  • All dive gear and wetsuits 
  • Guides to lead you to the sharks 
  • De-brief 
  • Every diver receives a certificate of achievement –You dived and survived!
  • 20% off entry to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium for friends & family watching your dive!

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Location: Sealife Sydney

4 sessions per day: 8:30am, 11:00am, 01:30pm, 04:00pm

Opening Time: 08:30 | Closing Time: 16:00

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