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AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Penguin Passport WCU1
See King Penguins, Little & Gentoo penguins up close

Watch massive, cute and cheeky penguins hop, slip, waddle and slide on the ice as you wander in your sub Antarctic snow gear.

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Penguin Passport WCU2
Go behind-the-scenes to see penguins during feeding & playtime

Get to know about the feeding routines, food preparation and also find out how the technology behind maintaining the sub-arctic temperature works.

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Penguin Passport WCU3
General admission to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium for the day

Experience this aquatic treasure trove of Australia. Watch up-close unique fishes and other marine life of the Southern Ocean.

AUSYD SEA LIFE Sydney Penguin Passport WCU4
Watch the mesmerising and gorgeous Gentoo Penguins

Get amazed by the acrobatic skills of the cute Gentoo Penguins and also click picture-perfect images of these splendid penguins.

Enjoy up-close penguin encounters and see three different species of penguins in their authentic sub-Antarctic setting with Penguin Passport ticket at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium! This tour is limited to just 4 people, so a quality experience is guaranteed. 

Suit up in snow gear and get ready to set foot on an icy wonderland for the next 75 minutes. Unlike on an ordinary tour where you will be standing nose-pressed to a glass window to see the penguins, on the Penguin Passport you will be in the thick of all action on the ice, watching the penguins hop, slip and slide, right in front of you! 

This SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium expedition will introduce you to three different penguin species. You will recognise celebrity King Penguins from their numerous movie appearances. If not, they are quite vibrant with yellow-orange spots near their ears and on their necks. 

It’s no surprise as to how the Little Penguins got their name! The smallest of the penguin species will win you over with their inquisitive and chirpy character. 

Finally, see the fastest swimmers of all penguins! The Gentoo Penguins will attract you not just with their water-acrobatic skills, but also being the cutest among the raft, with orange feet, reddish-orange bill and white patches over the top of their eyes. 

Apart from the encounter, this penguin aquarium experience will also let you observe enrichment activities, where animals keep in touch with their natural behaviour by indulging in play. Your expert guide will take you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, giving you insights on how penguin food is prepared. Also learn how the aquarium maintains sub-zero temperatures to keep the ice firm. You will also get to see where the penguins sleep and the veterinary clinic where they go for checkups. 

Your Penguin Passport Pass also includes all-day general admissions pass to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

  • AGE: 14+
  • A 75-minute small-group unique experience accompanied by a personal guide
  • Go behind the scenes and learn how we take care of our King and Gentoo Penguins
  • See the penguin food preparation area as well as how this exhibit maintains its chilly temperatures
  • Suit up in our snow gear for an exclusive up-close encounter  with the colony in their habitat
  • All day admission to explore SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium included
  • Amazing photo opportunities with penguins (no personal cameras allowed)

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Location: Sealife Sydney

Penguin Passport runs daily at 1:30pm all year round and additionally at 3:30pm during Sep to April

Opening Time: 13:30 | Closing Time: 15:30

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