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WHY CHOOSE THIS Sightseeing Day Tour?

Educational & paranormal experience into the past of Victoria

Journey back into the early days of opium dens, grim medical experiments and haunted theatre performances! The tragic deaths from 1900s are still said to haunt these historic streets of Melbourne.

Leisurely walking tour through haunted areas with a small group

Go on a 2 km walking tour in small groups with an expert local guide along the city's quiet streets, uncovering the nooks and crannies of its haunted building and paranormal sites.

Experienced guides revealing interesting ghost tales & information

Your expert guide will lead you through the most haunted streets of Old Melbourne, narrating you the tales and hauntings that accompany it. Most of these stories are sure to give you the creeps!

Numerous spots covered like China Town & Princess Theat

Wander around China Town, where people once gave away bodies for medical experiments in exchange for money. Also visit Princess Theatre known for the haunting of Opera singer, Frederick Federici.

The idea of visiting a haunted place is enough to send chills down one’s spine, right? Explore the darker side of Old Melbourne with this 90-minute ghost walk around its streets!
Start unlocking the dark secrets of the famous streets of Melbourne CBD on a leisurely walk from Federation Square. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral to see ancient architecture and begin your encounter with ghost stories surrounding the Young & Jacksons Hotel. Learn about everything, right from tales of murdered prostitutes to the story of Chloe, the model in the famous nude painting at Young and Jacksons! 

Walk further to explore Flinders Lane for some fabulous street art and hear more haunted incidents and reported sighting stories. Hear about The Gun Alley Murder, the cruel case of the murder of 12-year-old Alma Tirtschke. You will also visit the spot where her body was found. 

Walk to the Princess Theatre next, where resides the ghost of Frederick Federici, an Italian-born British opera singer who plummeted to death in front of his audience!

Next, move on to China Town, the area with an early-day disposition of being a lair of opium dens, brothels and gambling joints. Listen to tales of Fan Tan Alley, the hub of gamblers, and keep an eye out for the ghost of Chan, the murderer. Know his tale and wait for the sheer terror that will ensue as you pass through this haunted lane. 

You won’t be sceptical about the paranormal after this tour! Happy haunting! 

  • 1.5-hour tour through the haunted streets and places of Victoria 
  • Entry to Princess Theatre & China Town 
  • 2-km walking tour with expert guide & informative commentary 
  • Optional dinner at Melbourne’s most haunted hotel for an extra charge
Dinner at Young & Jacksons Hotel
Dinner at Young & Jacksons Hotel $39

Opt for an upgrade to enjoy dinner at Melbourne’s most haunted Young & Jacksons hotel before your tour, for a nominal charge. Main meal, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, a sweet & coffee are included in the package.

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Departure/Pickup Location: Under the "i" at the Melbourne Visitor Centre, Federation Square, Melbourne

Boards: 20:15 | Departs: 20:30 | Returns: 10:00pm to China Town, Melbourne

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