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Penguin Times At Phillip Island!

Sure, Phillip Island penguin tours are famous. What’s not to like about tiny little penguins going on a daily parade, right? Yes. We agree. They are undeniably cute and to witness them go about their daily routine is definitely adorable. These penguin parade tours are popular and justifiably so, but more often than not they overshadow other attractions on this Island. You wouldn’t do justice to other attractions at Phillip Island if you are only visiting the penguins! There are so many things to do on this tiny island that it almost seem improbable! 

Discover seaside villages where you can go on boat rides or fishing. Explore native wildlife, find opportunities to hand-feed them and have a close encounter with your fellow beings. Try some amazing food and wine at numerous cafes and breweries. Visit iconic museums to learn more about the place and its attractions. Visit an international motorsport hub to see first-hand the legendary grand prix circuit, or even have a go at the track yourself. Go on cruises to see some amazing sights. Try some amazing chocolate at the chocolate factory. Go on a bike ride or a hike. Take some time off to relax on a beach or go surfing. Now do you see? 

The list of things to do here sure is long and there is something in Phillip Island for everyone visiting! So make sure that you pay a visit to all the amazing sights and experiences while you’re here. What are you waiting for? Book your Phillip Island tour, get your explorer hats on and go on an unforgettable adventure!

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