Cairns Sightseeing Day Tours

Explore top attractions and tourist destinations on Cairns with sightseeing day tours!

Cairns is a fascinating city located in north Queensland, blessed with rich history and evergreen terrains. It’s only natural to be blindsided by the fact that it is the Gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef that runs along its coast; but to be fair, inland Cairns boasts scenery that’s just as impressive! The best way to explore the city and discover its attractions is through sightseeing day tours from Cairns. Be it a half-day or a full-day trip, these experiential sightseeing tours give you a glimpse into the rich history of the city, its prominent landmarks and its evergreen landscapes. 

Kuranda is Cairns’ most popular day tour destination –  a mountain village known for its free-spirited flair, that adds a burst of colour to the World Heritage-listed rainforest. And the amazing modes of transportation to get you there include a scenic rail ride and a Skyrail gondola ride!

Barron Gorge National Park is replete with rugged mountains, steep ravines, cascading waterfalls, rainforests with rich wildlife. Nature’s got you covered here with waterfall trails, rainforest walks, freshwater pools in volcanic craters and gigantic 500-year-old strangler fig trees!

An hour or so west of Cairns lies the Atherton Tablelands, a fascinating combination of rolling hills, tropical rainforests, timeless villages and farmland. Hot-air ballooning over the Tablelands is a very popular activity and a unique way to see the city. 

The city too is home to plenty of attractions that are perfect for sightseeing. St. Monica’s Cathedral with its stained-glass windows is a prime attraction, not to mention the Botanic Garden and its guided walk. Another attraction, the Tjapukai Cultural Park, reveals the the cultural origin of Australia dating back to 40,000 years. Here you can participate in traditional Aboriginal dances and fire-making and probably learn how to throw a spear and play a didgeridoo! 

Don’t miss out on these enriching sightseeing day tours that Cairns has to offer!

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