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WHY CHOOSE THIS Sightseeing Day Tour?

Join Tjapukai Aboriginal tribes and enjoy welcome canapés

Enjoy the welcoming ceremony as Tjapukai Aboriginals paint & add you to their tribe while playing didgeridoo. Click pictures and savour upon delicious canapés as the ceremony concludes.

Enchanting night fire dance and corroboree celebration

Witness Tjapukai Aboriginal dance and take in the stories of their past. Take part in the famous corroboree celebration and move your feet to the unique timbre of ancient music.

Fire-making ceremony and fireball creation

Watch Tjapukai Aboriginals create fire the archaic way using wooden sticks and stones. Circle around fire and chant along as you witness fireball shooting from the fire heap.

Relish on delicious dinner buffet the primeval way

Taste some mouthwatering dishes prepared in authentic fashion using age-old techniques which will make sure that you replenish your plates often.

Commence your Aboriginal tour of  Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park from the art gallery. Stroll through famous artworks created by various Aboriginal clans into the next phase of the tour where you will be served with mouthwatering spicy canapés, complimentary bubbles and fruit juices to quench your thirst.

Before you begin your expedition into the Aboriginal section, the indigenous rainforest people paint your face to link you to their tribe and traditional land. The tribe then celebrates your welcome by playing the didgeridoo creating symbols with sound. Enjoy a rendezvous with Aboriginal culture as the skilled dancers of Tjapukai depict the hunting stories through dances resembling kangaroo, cassowary and brolga. Dance along with enchanting Aboriginal dancers and take part in their famous corroboree celebration before moving on to the next segment of your trip.

Take part in the famous firemaking ceremony, go ahead and try your technique for creating fire from mere wooden sticks, stones and hay. Be part of the mystic Rainbow Serpent Circle by chanting old script words and dancing to their tunes. Witness an amazing fireball creation before settling down for dinner.

Relish on delicious dinner buffet prepared in-house in an authentic way to treat your taste buds with all necessary ingredients that will trigger a feel of the Aboriginal atmosphere.

Have a meet-and-greet section with Tjapukai performers by fireside and make use of infinite photo opportunities to cherish each and every moment of this remarkable tour.

Bid farewell to the Aboriginal tribe before concluding your night tour of the Tjapukai Park.

  • Nightfire & Aboriginal Culture Park tour from Cairns
  • Welcome canapés, Didgeridoo journey, nightfire dance
  • Fire-making ceremony
  • Buffet dinner
  • Fireside farewell
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