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WHY CHOOSE THIS Sightseeing Day Tour?

Full-day pass to visit and see Cairns Aquarium in detail

Explore Cairns Aquarium for the entire day with a basic admissions pass, suitable for people of all ages and interests.

Up-close flora and fauna encounter with over 15,000 animals

Spot and identify animals and aquatic life with the aquarium covering flora and fauna native to 10 tropical North Queensland ecosystems & 71 diverse habitats.

See presentations that detail about types of aquatic life

Enjoy presentations that are related to various types of aquatic life ranging from River Monsters, Denizens of the Deep, Life of Sharks & Rays and Curious & Coloured Presentations.

Engage in habitat talks, animal feeds, touch tanks & more

Learn more about various flora and fauna with up-close experiences that include habitat talks, animal feed sessions, terrestrial & marine encounters and touch tank time.

Visit the aquatic wonderland of Cairns Aquarium and its diverse presentations with basic admissions pass offering full-day entry. Suitable for all ages and groups, this pass allows you to encounter wildlife and aquatic life spread over 10 tropical North Queensland ecosystems and 71 habitats. 

What’s more…this unique venue combines the diverse biodiversity of the two adjacent World Heritage listed areas, Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef in one go, offering you the best of both.

Looking for up-close encounters too? Don’t worry, you can choose to indulge in every activity right from a touch tank session to animal feeding. Add more to your wildlife know-how with habitat talks and terrestrial & marine encounters.

With the pass allowing entry throughout the day, schedule your visit according to your convenience and explore the aquarium at leisure within specified working hours.

  • All-day admissions pass to Cairns Aquarium
  • See 10 Tropical North Queensland ecosystems and 71 habitats
  • Presentations: River Monsters, Denizens of the Deep, Life of Sharks & Rays, Curious & Coloured 
  • Habitat talks, animal feeds, terrestrial & marine encounter touch tanks

Operates: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Location: Cairns Aquarium

| Departs: 09:00 | Returns: 17:00. Last admissions 4pm.

Validity:Till 19 July 2019

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I'm a regular traveler and i rank this as the top 3 Sightseeing spot i ever visited.

I'm a regular traveler and i rank this as the top 3 Sightseeing spot i ever visited.
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