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An Island Full Of Wonders To Explore!

There are some things that are almost synonymous with the names of places. When you think of Sydney, the first thing that comes to mind would be the Opera House. Similarly, Phillip Island is known for one of its major attractions: the Little Penguin Parade. Sure, Phillip Island penguin tours are famous. And rightfully so too, because who doesn’t love watching tiny little penguins going on a daily parade, right? We fully agree. These creatures are certainly cute. But to associate an entire island with all its other attractions to only this parade wouldn’t do justice to everything else, would it? As cute as these penguins might be, more often than not they completely outshine other attractions on the island. And to visit the Phillip Island for just its penguin tour would certainly be unfair.

There are so many things to do and see on this island that a list would seem absurdly random. That is to say, if you put a visit to “track racing at an International race course” and “hand-feeding Kangaroos” together in a list, people are probably going to question your rationality. Probably. But, that is not going to stop us from doing so.

International Race Course
There is an international Grand Prix Circuit here at Phillip Island! Here you can have a go at the track yourself, or perhaps take a go kart for a spin at a smaller replica of the same track!

Phillip Island Penguin Tour
Yes, you probably know all about it. But for those of you who don’t, here you go: Everyday, thousands of tiny penguins make way from the ocean, waddling across the sand to their burrows. Cute. Very.

Discover activities at Seaside villages such as San Remo
Watch fishermen unload their everyday catch, or even go fishing yourself! There are some good restaurants and cafés at these villages, so you can indulge in some good food and beverages while you’re at it!

Get close to nature at an animal Park
Get closer to the native beings on this island at parks such as the Maru Koala and Animal Park! Most of these tours offer opportunities such as hand-feeding its inhabitants and clicking pictures while holding koalas! Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Visit museums and galleries
Get to know more about the history of Phillip Island at a museum or feed that artsy soul in you with a visit to a gallery!

Go on a cruise, a hike or a bike ride!
Go on an adventure with a coastal cruise! Explore the area and aquatic wildlife while you’re at it! Or if you are more of a “land” person, rent a bike or go on a hike to explore the terrain!

Take some time off to relax on the beach
Visit a beach and simply unwind by its shores, or go for a surf if you would like to! Get some sun on your skin during your visit to one of numerous beaches on Phillip Island!

So there you have it. The list of things to do in Phillip Island doesn’t end here, surely, but we’ll leave some of it for you to discover!

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